TITAN Delivery and Customers Feedback




Lowbed trailer will be send to Nigeria at May 26th



On May 27th, our Nigerian customer's 4 axle lowbed semi trailer was completed. Ready to send to Nigeria.


To be honest, this customer has always been our old customer, he has his own business in Nigeria, in addition to being a local distributor. He has placed orders in our factory more than once. He said that our trailers are very popular locally.





10 units Fence trailer has shipped Mauritius at May 22th



26th, April, we got inquriy directly from Mauritius client who is Mr. Mick, and based on our experience and clients’clear requirement, 10 sets fence cargo trailer order confirmed.Because the customer demand is relatively large, and it is very urgent. Our workers are all working overtime and in production.


22th, May, our fence trailer are ready to be shiped clients.We hope could have this Mauritius market opening from Alibaba, and could bulid longtime cooperation with our client.You are welcome and trust TITAN would be your best choice.





Chilean customer Extendable Trailers feedback




We feel great honor that we can receive our customer’s feedback for everyday. And TITAN semi trailer has been exported into more than 50 countries in Africa and South America.


This is our Chilean customers feedback of the Extendable Trailers. This was not the first time that we got feedback from this country.It can be seen that customers need to transport long goods, pipeline rails and other equipment. The trailer can be extended from 12.5 meters to 25 meters,18 meters extend to 34 meters, 21 meters extend to 55 meters.and the extension length can be customized to meet different transportation requirements.


Because this customer found us through a friend's introduction, and another customer in Chile previously bought 3 axle lowbed semi trailer. Because of this, the customer went to see our trailer locally and conducted a field survey. Afterwards, we talked online about customer needs and details. Finally, Extendable Trailers was purchased because the customer needed to transport long goods.





3 sets stainless steel tanker trailer be sent to Malawi



Last year our Malawi customers ordered 3 skeletal semi trailer for their work. This year, the customer placed an order for three more oil tank trailer. Just shipped yesterday. Although this is not our first cooperation, we still maintain our original intention and provide our customers with the best quality. Thank you very much for your trust in us.


The TITAN tanker body is longitudinally welded. Ensure the safety of the tanker and increase the service life.The tank body is automatically welded by an advanced large-scale special welding machine. With safety devices: the manhole is an explosion-proof large cover. The bottom outlet of the tank is equipped with an emergency shut-off valve. Advanced paint system and polyurethane paint. Appearance is beautiful, use time is above 5 years.We adopt famous brand parts for our tank trailer, it saves costs & ensures long-time service.





Lowboy trailer feedback from Namibia customer



We received feedback from our Namibian customers at April.

This Namibian customer visited our factory before buying. We first confirmed with the customer the relevant configuration of the detachable gooseneck semi trailer, including the brand and model of the standard parts, and some accessories. After the semi trailer was confirmed, our engineers repeatedly explained the operation of the it and the use and some things needing to attention for the customer

The machine purchased by the customer is a set detachable gooseneck trailer. Lowboy trailer has a low center of gravity and a long cargo table, it can transport a lot of goods. Such as some large machinery and equipment, such as pile drivers, large rotary drills, large excavators, and large bulldozers.





Congratulations! Customers received semi trailer



First of all, congratulations to our Zambian customer who received TITAN 3 axle cement tanker trailer. This customer found us through Alibaba and needed to transport 50 tons of cement. After carefully asking about the customer's needs, we recommended 3 axle cement tanker trailer for him.


Because the customer has not used it before, he is a little worried. But we have professional technical guidance videos and manual articles that can help customers solve usage problems.


This is the feedback from the Zambia customers who received the cement tanker trailer. The customer sent us an email at the first time after receiving the semi trailer and told us that the cement tanker trailer arrived at the destination very smoothly, the packaging was complete and there was no damage. And they also expected that the it will be put into production as soon as possible and create greater value for them.


TITAN Truck Semi Trailers Spot Promotion




    3 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer




     Produced in January 2020. The flatbed semi trailer is in stock at the factory, we can repaint the color for you according to your needs.




     Tare Weight: About 7.1T Twist Locks: 12 sets
     Dimension(mm): 12500*2500*1530 Axles: TITAN Brand , 3 units
     Loading capacity(ton): ≤80T Tire: 12R22.5, 12 units
     Material: Q345 steel Rim: 9.00*22.5, 12units
     Main beam height: 500mm Side beam: 16mm steel channel
     Spring Leaf: 13mm(thickness)*10 layers Suspension: 8mm(thickness) Mechanical suspension
     Platform: 3mm-thick checkered plate Landing Gear: JOST brand
     King Pin: JOST brand 2.0 inch Painting: Polyurethane paint
     Brake Valve: WABCO Light: LED light



    FOB Price: 9400 USD




Through this video below, you can learn about different types of flatbed semi trailer


such as 3 axle 40ft container flatbed semi trailer,

2 axle flat deck trailer with bogie suspension,

4 axle flatbed trailer with front wall,

20ft container flatbed trailer,

Extendable flatbed trailer,

Flatbed drawbar pulling full trailer


As well as the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.





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     3 Axle Sidewall Cargo Trailer




       Produced in November 2019. The sidewall semi trailer is in stock at the factory, we can repaint the color for you according to your needs.




      Dimension(mm): 12500*2500*3200 Tool box: 1 set
      Trailer sides: 800mm Axles: TITAN Brand , 3 units
      Loading capacity(ton): ≤60T Tire: 12R22.5, 12 units
      Material: Q345 steel Rim: 9.00*22.5, 12units
      Main beam height: 500mm Side beam: 16mm steel channel
      Spring Leaf: 13mm(thickness)*10 layers Suspension: 8mm(thickness) Mechanical suspension
      Platform: 3mm-thick checkered plate Landing Gear: JOST brand
      King Pin: JOST brand 2.0 inch Painting: Polyurethane paint
      Brake Valve: WABCO Light: LED light



     FOB Price: 9700 USD